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About Us

Our2 mission at Praytection is to empower people's lives through prayer and unite God's children all over the world.

Our magnetic, prayer objects, called prayergear, can be worn in many ways and will enable you to pray without ceasing. Inside of each object will be a prayer, a Bible verse, and a code for linking your prayergear to the Praytection website. Our website will provide you the ability to connect with others through prayer.

Join us in prayer and experience God in a whole new way!


In efforts to provide a unique, interactive experience for you, we have created features on our website that will allow you to pray, be prayed for, and see how powerful God is.

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For every product purchased, we will donate $1. The donations will be split evenly between the following charities:

-Eastridge Mission Center
-Maoz Israel Ministries
-SOS Children's Villages International

Click on their names to learn more about each charity's work and how your money will be used to help others.